Buy your Solarspot online!

Simply follow the on-screen instructions and we will guide you through all of the options. Before you start make sure you know a couple of dimensions:

  1. Measure the distance between the rafters and joists in your roof?
  2. Measure the distance from the point in the ceiling up to the point in the roof where the tube will be located?

1. Select your base kit system

Solarspot online shop sun tunnels

Solarspot D-25, 250mm diameter base kit

D-25 £228.00
Including VAT and delivery.

Solarspot online shop sun pipe

Solarspot D-38, 375mm diameter base kit

D-38 £270.00
Including VAT and delivery.

Accessories, angles and additional extensions

If you have purchased a system online and need any additional extensions or angles or wish to see the full range of accessories, please visit our accessories page.

installerUsing an installer?

If you’re not fitting your new Solarspot® yourself and are planning on using an installer? Then why not leave it all to him.

Our installers can supply and install everything for you – giving you complete peace of mind. They will also match the online price of anything they install so you’re guaranteed a great deal at the same time.

Buying online is quick and easy

First we’ll ask you to select the system size (base kit) that you want.

Second, select the roof flashing to match your home.

Finally tell us the distance through the loft and the online calculator will tell you the price.

If you wish to proceed at this point you can then pay by credit card or PayPal or bank transfer.

If you need any
help just call us on: 01908 299117


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