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Vegalux extension tubes D-38

3. Select the distance you need

Measure the drop from the inside of your roof down to the point in the ceiling that you want the diffuser to be located. The illustration below shows how to measure the distance from the roof to the ceiling to determine the length of system required.

Our extension tubes come in units of 200/300/400 and 600mm so please round your measurement up to the nearest 100mm and we will calculate the best combination for you.

For example: 1725mm specify 1800mm.

Please note: all systems over 1200mm are supplied with two 0-30˚ angle adaptors. You can buy additional angles in the accessories section.

Measure the required distance

Choose your required tube length from the dropdown menu:

Price: £0.00

Select Install Distance

Please note: The table and prices shown for extension tubes on this page are for tubes bought as part of a full kit. For additional extensions or angled extensions please go to ACCESSORIES.

Here's a good idea!

Why not add an integral light kit to your Solarspot system?

Convert your Solarspot daylight system to an electric light for night time use with a Solarspot integrated light kit.

Simply connect to the existing light circuit and turn it on and off as you require. The light kit installs in the tube to provide a discreet 2 in 1 solution for your home.

D-38 Solarspot electric light kit accessory
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